Meet Colleen and Daniel!

“The philosophy of my business is to treat your animals like you never left home. My animals are my babies, as are yours, so I treat them just like you or I would. To put it simply, I love animals and I can’t wait to take care of yours!”

Colleen and Daniel met in 2007 in high school competing against each other at Georgia State Rifle Championships and married in 2014. Daniel encouraged Colleen to make her side hustle into a full fledged business and in 2017 they formed Colleen Takes on the Sitting World.

Colleen is a Savannah Georgia native. She attended St. Vincent’s and Armstrong. We have 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 chickens and yes it is a very full house!! Colleen was born into a household full of animals, so pet hair is in her DNA. She was lucky enough to not only have compassion for animals in her genes, but instilled from birth. Colleen was raised by a mother who not only bred Persians and Himalayans, but also showed them. She has been pet sitting since the age of 12 starting off with people in the neighborhood. Once she got keys to the car, she started pet sitting all over the island. In June of 2017 she decided to make pet sitting a full time job, which has always been a dream.

Daniel is Colleen’s doting husband. He has helped out with her petsitting business since college. He is a huge pet lover, and one would say a pet enabler. Daniel has never met an animal he didn’t charm right away! Daniel’s full time job is at Thomas and Hutton Engineering. He is a talented engineering technician with more than 5 years at the company. Daniel is from a small town in rural Georgia but was raised on Saint Simon’s Island for most of his childhood. He moved to Savannah for Colleen and schooling, although if we’re being honest it really was for Colleen. We can always count on him for an emergency visit or a last minute booking.

The Supporting Staff

Meet Alexis! 

“I’m from Gainesville Florida. I spent most of my summers on a farm. I love sports, to surf, and the beach. Animals have always been my passion since I was a young child, holding a soft spot in my heart and would do anything to take care and protect them. I have two senior dogs currently and have been with me most of my adult life. They are the loves of my life.”

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